DS Superheroes, We Are Not Disabled, We Are Differently Abled

What is Down Syndrome?

What is Down Syndrome?

Cerebral Palsy is a gift that only certain people have... You can get it but only under certain circumstances!

Cooper has Cerebral Palsy and he knows that is 'A Disorder of Movement' which means that Cooper along with other CP Superheroes have trouble moving.

But they can still do great things!

Who discovered Down Syndrome on Earth?

A English doctor called John Langdon Down first talked about Down Syndrome. Its named after him!!

Then a man discovered that people with Down Syndrome have an extra special chromosome. They have 47 instead of 46. Thats what makes them a DS Superhero!!

What is a Chromosome?

Everyones body, like Dakotas is made up of lots of cells! Each cell is like a little factory which helps us to grow...

Each Cell has an important bit called a nucleus! inside these are GENES....

Genes are stored in structures called Chromosones. Usually, the nucleus of each cell contains 23 pairs of chromosones. 23 from our mum and 23 from our dad!

People with DS have 47 chromosomes. An extra copy of Chromosome 21!

Types of Down Syndrome


All cells have an extra chromosme 21. A lot of people have this type of DS!

2. Translocation

Extra chromosome 21 material is attached to another chrmosome. Not many people have this type of DS!


only some cells have an extra chromosome. Not many people have this type..

Characteristics of Down Syndrome

There a certain characteristics that a DS Superhero has. Some of these are...

Broad hands with short fingers and a little finger that curves inwards. The palm may only have one crease across it.

Flat facial profile, flat nasal bridge and small nose. Eyes that slant upwards and outwards. Like Dakota!

You can be a DS Superhero!

Now that you know what Down Syndrome is you can be a DS Superhero. Dont be afraid to try something new, and to do what you want.

Being a DS Superhero means you should have trust, respect and independence. you should be Treated as an individual, because you have the same needs as everybody.

You are not disabled, your just differently abled.