CP Superheroes, We Are Not Disabled, We Are Differently Abled

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what Cerebral Palsy is, but with the help of Cooper Price we will find out here!

Learning about Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a condition that only certain people have... You can get it but only under certain circumstances!

Cooper has Cerebral Palsy and he knows that is 'A Disorder of Movement' which means that Cooper along with other CP Superheroes have trouble moving.

But they can still do great things!

Where does Cerebral Palsy come from?

Generally, CP is caused because we dont get enough oxygen at birth, which are BRAINS really need. Alot of CP Superheroes get it this way.

Sometimes when we are born our brain bleeds. Its called a H-a-e-m-o-r-r-a-g-e

Sometimes we can get it from our mothers. From what they eat and drink.

Types of Cerebral Palsy

Yes There are four main types, they are given special names...

1. Spastic

2. Athetoid

3. Ataxic

4. Mixed

How do the different types affect us CP Superheroes?


This means that Muscles in the arms and legs can get pretty stiff... so you need to do lots of stretches.

2. Athetoid

This is caused by damage to the centre of the brain. This means that some or all of the limbs could be floppy.


Caused by damage to the brain. You may feel unsteady, movement will be there, but it may feel random.

How does Cerebral Palsy affect our bodies?


All four limbs are affected.


All of your arms and legs are affected. But more so the legs. This is more common when your born early.


Both Legs are affected.


All three limbs are affected.


One side of the body is affected.

You can be a CP Superhero!

Now you know what CEREBRAL PALSY is you can be a CP Superhero!

You shouldnt be afraid to try anything new... some people may try to stop you from doing the things you want, even though you know you can do it!

Sometimes you may get frustrated because you cant do certain things, dont let this worry you!

Everyone is good at something, like being a CP Superhero like cooper price!