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Oooo it has been an exciting few weeks for the Heroes.  Most recently they where featured in the Irish News with a half page spread.

As well as this their creator was interviewed on behalf of the heroes to tell everyone about their great new online home,!

You can check it out here!

‘This is a story which is steeped in unbridled greatness. The story of how Disability came to be understood.  We must cherish this story and its humble beginnings, for if all things are to be believed, this story can change the world’

Kyle Boyd, Disability Heroes.

Kyle Boyd an aspiring Web Designer from Northern Ireland created the Disability Heroes as part of his Masters in Multidisciplanary Design at the Art College in Belfast.

Kyle himself has Cerebral Palsy and when he was growing up faced many challenges about his condition.

Kyle says “When I was growing up I used to ask many questions about my disability.  Of course my parents offered many answers but as a child this was very hard to understand, and you couldnt use the internet as it hadn’t been invented”.

So Kyle set about to try and demystify the stigmas attached with disability making it more accessible, particularly to children.

“I believe at starting at ‘Grassroots level’ with children because they are so open and ask many questions.  If they understand disability when they are young then as they grow older its second nature not a big thing to deal with”.

Of course to do this in a fun and exciting way which could be understood by everyone was the key.  This is where Kyle came up with the ‘Superman Analogy’.

Kyle says “Superman came to earth and he was different, but everyone accepted him for who and what he was, this is the way I want disabilities to be.  Even though you disabled your just ‘Differently Abled’.  So why couldnt I make the Disability the Super Power?”

With his skills as a web designer Kyle set about creating this interactive hub, and in during the course of his creation and research he successfully won the Digital Media Category at the 25K Awards.

Kyle says “This allowed me to develop the project further, and it helped me collaborate with other great designers to create the best possible starting point for the Disability Heroes”.

With the sites now complete, Kyle is happy everyone can enjoy the Heroes.  However this is the beginning.  We call it Disability, he calls it Destiny.

The Disability Heroes have arrived Cooper Price, Dakota Sharpe and Steve Boswell are very excited because they are ready to tell the world about Disabilities in a fun and exciting way.

Check out there websites.  Here you can learn about each heroes condition, learn about them and play groovy games.